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Adventurers wear medium armor, like leather and maybe mail. The classes that fall under this archetype are as follows: Engineer, masters of inventing things, come on. They use turrets that heal and blow things up, landmines, backpacks that have flamethrowers, grenades, sticky black glue, bombs, everything. It’s an insane class, it is very interesting. Guild Wars 2 engineer is a dynamic profession that can build and blows thing up. The Ranger is, I don’t like labeling the Ranger as your typical, “It’s the Hunter in Guild Wars 2!” But that’s basically what it is. Once we talk about the combat, you’ll understand that, according to guild wars 2 ranger guide, this profession can also be a little bit more melee than a Hunter in World of Warcraft, so, Hunters who like that idea, get ready for GW2 Gold.

The Thief: They’re basically the Rogue, and I don’t have a problem saying “the Rogue”, because they basically are the Rogue. Except, there’s one key difference that I think Rogues are going to have a hard time getting their brains wrapped around: you can’t be in stealth the whole time. That mechanic is completely gone; stealth is something that you dip in and out of within combat. You’ll feel better for using it in the way that you can, and with some help of guild wars 2 thief guide, it’ll reward you for being a good player. I’ll be moving on now. All the World of Warcraft Rogues, you can leave me hate comments below, I don’t mind.

It’s going to be kind of short and sweet. I’m going to be talking about things that people who have half a brain are probably going to get mad at me for talking about, because it just seems like this easy stuff. It’s also important because there are terms that we use in World of Warcraft that are not used in Guild Wars 2, and when you show up in Guild Wars 2, you’re going to go, “What is that?” I’m just going to talk about these things, sort of introduce you to these concepts, and get your brain ready to digest the rest of the articles. Besides, we provide Cheap GW2 Gold and Guild wars 2 powerleveling service, you can come to our website to purchase your desired service.