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Waiting For The Official Launch Of Guild Wars 2 Gold

Finally Guild Wars 2 ended the whole beta weekend events. All things left are to wait for the official launch of Guild Wars 2 Gold. According to those players who have attended in the Guild Wars 2 beta weekend events, there are some characteristics that are very attractive.

Character Customization

In the beginning, you are required to choose your profession, and then your race. There are various of options for you to choose from hair, face, tattoos and etc. Customization of your character isn't limited to your appearance. After you have set your character's look you will be given a brief questionnaire based on your chosen race and profession that lets you choose your character's values and history. Classes have different variations on their personal story that could develop from their questionnaire. Currently, the personal storyline stopped at level 20.


Gems are a currency that can be quickly and easily bought for real money. Gems can be traded for in game currency or used to buy short-term buffs and some appearance-modifying items. Adding extra bank tabs and character slots can only be accomplished by paying with gems. You can also trade some of your GW2 Gold for the requisite amount of gems and purchase your upgrades that way.

On August 28, 2012 the game is going to launch. Guild Wars 2 is really a good MMO. You should Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold to have a 3-Day Headstart.