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Two Guild Wars 2 Gold Skills To Produce Additional Effects

Cross-professional combo, or combination or mix of skills is when the interaction of the two Guild Wars 2 Gold skills to produce additional effects. Skills can be a combined effect will be labeled a "description of their skills combined area" or "combination of the end of the technology ". Want to generate a combined effect, you first need to create a combination of region, followed by the use of a end technology interact with can be a mix of skills. Most of the skill set is generated by the cooperation between the two roles of the different occupations, but also part of the batter can be generated by the two roles in the same occupation, or even a role can also produce the batter. 

The combination of area, or start-up technology, can create area of ? effect skills. These skills usually have an easily identifiable elements or characteristics of these elements or characteristics determine the end of the technology interact with what effect. For example, a suitable end technology through the firewall will cause the fire effect. The combination of regions can be a circular area, but a linear wall. For example, you want to and the combination of ring-shaped region batter effect, a character must end technology used in this annular region. For the region of linear combination, the player must jump strike or projectiles end technology across the linear region to a mix of GW2 Gold in the target location.

The combination of the end of the technology can be in the startup and technology within the region through, or in the start range of skills. The combined area for example, players can create a projectile, or rotation, or hit the jump. An appropriate start-up technology can increase the damage of the end of the technology or to create extra effects. For example, in the whirlwind ax next firewall will be projected around the fireball. The end of the technology at the same time only a start technology interaction.

Mix of skills occurs, the player's screen will show a heart-shaped icon, told the players to the mix of skills and which skills caused by the combination. Success to produce the mix of skills will not determine whether this notice to show, for example, when using the key shooting only 20% chance of trigger mix of skills, regardless of whether the mix of skills, this notification is still displayed.