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The history of the game GW2

Each game are equivalent to a story, and it is by countless branch composition. We are playing a game, is equivalent to be personally on the scene. We also became constitute a story of a factor.The game is another world.

Guild Wars 2 story takes place 250 years after the Polar Eye, the world of Tyria will completely change its original sample. These changes are caused by sleeping a thousand ancient dragon regained consciousness after. Primordus first waking dragon, he will also be his servant Wake up from slumber. Under his breath, he twisted rubbed his earth and stones, made ​​of biological and give them life. Although the great destroyer of death, and make it a powerful force Maronite awakening. Primordus in the ground again and again was to create a henchman. To now, he continues to spill his strength in the underground caves of Tyria.

 In the Primordus after other dragon also have to wake up. Make the continent in the wake of the aure underground dragon floating to the ground, caused by the tide swept coastline and flooded a lot of land.Deep in the sea, the other end of the dragon's breath, the waters become the terror tentacles extend to the mainland each lake and rivers. Just a few years ago, another northern dragon erupted from the northern mountains, fly charr territory of Ascalon. Dragon flying over the route the earth crashes, terror crater. Human Ascalon homes entirely in addition to a castle called Ebony eagle Fort Charles. A large number of human the the refugees Bay Rutairuiya only human territory - Kryta, and the establishment of a constitutional monarch, and the Senate controlled by the New Kingdom.

Charles to get rid of the shackles of religion, the establishment of the institutions of society to the Legion, and plans expansion to eradicate the human trauma they. Driven out of the ground by vandals asura magic and technology established wisdom that they can not believe they appear in the surface. They remain strictly neutral in the other races. An old snow dragon in the northern seats watts Mountains emergence of extreme the Norn family rushed to the south - was once the kingdom of the dwarves. With Charles mutual respect, peaceful coexistence, but indifference to human relations. Serbia where the birth of a new race in Tyria Southern deeply with All the Terry monument of guidelines. They are curious about the world, learners something new.

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