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Star Wars The Old Republic Amazing Companion System Evaluation

Companion is the core elements in Star Wars The Old Republic. They may not only like "World of Warcraft" the Warlock's demon always follow our advice, not those friends occasional active the atmosphere and make some interesting time for you. Companion in the game like a Swiss Army knife, not only competent in previous method things, but also can do a lot, company with you and help you make swtor credits or if you  need in s short time you can choose to buy swtor credits ,leveling up and so on.

Attract BOSS' attention and not simply act as the thugs.

In combat, they have a set of practical skills, be able to dramatically change fighting situation. As a Jedi, I get the robot R2D2 has a trick remote sarcasm skills, can also pull the enemies around you. Since I was the melee occupation, ready to be developed as a tank. So the robot sarcasm skills is very useful in the early stages. It attracted the attention of big moster, then I will have time to be disposed of little mobs.

And the remote pull feel a little hate, so I turn it off. Core skills of a Jedi is Force Leap. This skill allows me to jump in front of the enemy, causing little damage and have some focus energy. Each time the fighting began I just jump, the robots pulled him, so I rushed to empty. Luckily, I can turn off this skill, it is no longer used. And manually release when I am willing to use it. Companion is not a simple thugs. The same with your main character, each person has basic properties, are able to according to adjust and equipment many items. The only difference is their skill slots are limited, but some very practical skills that only they possess.

Companion likability, production system.

They are not very active in the dialogue, more of a reaction. According to your choose in each time dialogue, your companions will increase or reduce the "likability." It show that how much your companions like you, they idea about you depends on your dialogue choices. Their reaction seems to depend on their character. A Jedi companion will be very glad to see you help the local traders. Inadvertently biting satire, it will reduce their good feeling about you.

You need to make them feel good, because they are your craftsmen. Although the person who get the formula is you, collect material from around the world is you, but you will not hand out a new combination of the two kinds of material by yourself. Instead, you need your partner to create the formula, after their return, you will receive a new lightsaber core, or several bottles of delicious drinks to heal injuries.

You can also send your companion to collect material for the manufacture of goods. Different value materials will required different money and time. You send out the companion to search the ruins of crystal or go to a remote desert mining relics, they will not accompany you fight. Their ability to kill rare monster and players who like to kill and plunder have a big influence.

Random character events with a lot of fun.

After you have the skills in manufacturing, in theory, you can create items that is dismantling and restored. Just click on the button bar items, in line items will be light, you can click and start the dismantling. After dismantling the items will disappear, and you will receive a small portion of their raw materials as a return.This is important because you can remove items you own making, there will likely be disassembled to create this enhanced version of the recipe items.

 Occasionally, your companions go back after manufacturers, you will receive a message that they do very good! Check items Inventory you will found it is better than usual. It has an intensive multi-slot items can enhance its properties and effects. The character of these small events seem simple increased a lot of fun in manufacturing system. Companion can be dispatched to anywhere in any time, in instance,in pvp, in the shopping. The whole system is running in the background, whatever you do, you are able to get regularly reward.