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Star Wars Old Republic Free To Get The Spacecraft And The Video First Exposure

Our many reports about the "Star Wars: The Old Republic" are mostly ground combat, such as the characteristics of each job,  companions to help combat, making swtor credits, including instance and players PVP. Now we have a chance to see the space combat finally.

Access to the spacecraft is part of your career main task. All occupations will receive a spaceship, based on personal experience, in level 17 you can get one for free. This means that, at least in the Beta, the very early you can effortlessly get a spaceship.

After you get your own spacecraft,the game will unlock some elements. You can back and forth between all the world, and really explore the galaxy. Boarded the ship, you will enter a galaxy map, you can choose in which high-grade region and reach the station, so you know the size of the game world and how many places after the sale can be extended. You do not need to personally flew between the two places, you can choose automatic flight, and then enjoy the beauty of space ,to observe the planet in front of you gradually growing. Soon the entire travel process, and do not waste much time, although in the meantime, you can only walk in ship, but the whole process is still impressive.

You can also dedicated spacecraft mission,get the flight shooting experience. These tasks will be marked on the map in the Galaxy, after linear corridor-like space-shooting section, you can get part of the activities of the freedom to move around the screen, but overall is forced forward, in a task where I need to escort allied ships through the enemy fields. The enemy's spacecraft will be very regular appearance on the screen, a few rounds can be shot down. Occasional a leader-ship, it will move towards and fire the spacecraft I want to protect, I need to shoot their fort.

"Old Republic"has been modified a variety of spacecraft parts, although this part in the Beta and did not show too much. Flying combat missions, but can be said very simple and arcade-oriented. Although it is good to play, but not surprising. Maybe his is just the beginning of the game task, the latter may be more challenging .In addition to fighting, you can explore the ship's interior, you add in travel companions will stay on board. Spacecraft has multiple rooms and fine interior design, so that the whole ship is very user-friendly. Although the ship combat is not surprising, but as a relax place after leveling or fighting on the ground is very good.