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Some Reasons That You Need Guild Wars 2 Gold

Guild Wars 2 is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game released next month, the players love it dubbed many titles such as savior of such games, the World of Warcraft Terminator and the opening of a new era. We must ask whether the game is so appealing, allowing the player to give such a high rating? Then I will share you some reasons why Guild Wars 2 Gold  is so charming that you should play it.

  1. New World, New Legend Guild Wars 2 game world is not a static world, but is full of hustle and bustle of the various types of biological, so players do not need to stand there alone, waiting for the change around. The words describe you or not, the game world of creatures in there, not to rise and live their own lives. In addition, there are many legends in the Guild Wars 2. The tone early in the battle had been laid, and the game company in the Guild Wars 2, ArenaNet and carrying on this tradition.

  2. Selected Roles More Freely Now the game has long been the trinity concept, replaced by a player only need to care about their life and safety can be. If you sacrifice, then this is your mistake. This does not mean you cannot team with. You can still complement each other, play to the strengths of their respective skills to achievements to maximize the effect.

  3. A Different Kind of Underwater Combat Experience At first, I mistakenly thought that this is nothing but a gimmick, so I find this so-called underwater battle must be fighting on the ground, will not have any particular experience. Underwater combat experience at all, completely, completely different from the fighting on the ground! First of all, the underwater world with extra dimensions, the players can all move up and down before and after, which means you can stand anything that can evade or attack incoming enemy places. Second, the skills available to you in the underwater world also changed. This requires relatively small adjustment of skills, very interesting!

  4. The New Skills Bar and Weapon Switching If you are more familiar with the battle, and then we'll be able to see some small changes of the sequel GW2 Gold in the system. Different from the practice of massively multiplayer online game, Guild Wars 2, you can select the ten skills. Ten skills allows you to create your own lifeblood of, but also allows you die without a burial, the saying goes: can achieve you can destroy you before starting to do the task you want to check their own life-saving package, but also to manage your skill bar. The new weapon switching system, your skill bar in the battle can be moved to change the location. You can instantly replaced by hand-held crossbow armed with sword and shield. More than the weapons you can switch your skills will change as you hold the weapons. Such a game system to force players to use their brains which weapon is more suited to the current skills, it is more suitable for the current fighting.

  5. More Dynamic Task Idea, concept and implementation of dynamic events in the game are absolutely be surprised, really excellent dynamic event is no longer let you do the task as in other games. The game tasks players to enter a town, and task information to reach the designated areas. In the Cheap GW2 Gold when you are passing through riparian may receive the mission to kill small monsters. Or, if you see those little monsters are attacked villagers, then I believe you will spontaneously to kill these animals. The other games are by some naive little story to tell you what is happening in the game everything your own experience.

  In addition, dynamic events also allow you to freely team. May you get stuck in an event, the other players automatically join in, and then help you to get out. Dynamic events created an eternal world. So if you think that Guild Wars 2 is a boring game, then you're wrong!