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Simple Guide for the Skill Point for Guild Wars 2 Gold

There comes a time in every Guild Wars 2 adventurer's life when her progression begins to go through certain, well, changes. These changes begin when an adventurer reaches level 5, and they get even more pronounced when she hits level 11. It might feel confusing and embarrassing; suddenly, you've got red exclamation marks on your hero panel and a nearly uncontrollable urge to allocate your skill points. Your skill bar starts to fill out. It's OK. It's totally natural. So how can we gain more skill points so that we can make Guild Wars 2 Gold easier?

When your character hits level 5, and at every ding after that, you'll be rewarded with a skill point. You can also earn skill points by completing tasks in the open world. These tasks are marked on your map as little blue chevrons that show as an outline when you have yet to complete them and are filled in upon completion. Skill challenges can be everything from drinking a particularly interesting beverage, communing with a place of power, or defeating an NPC (there are a lot of those types). You can take part in the event that pops up for Battling an NPC multiple times or commune with a place of power 'til you're blue in the face, but you'll only be given a skill point on your first success.

Earning a skill point either by GW2 Gold or task-completion will make a little red circle with an exclamation point appear over the hero panel icon in the upper left of your UI. A matching image will show up on your traits and skills tab when your hero panel is open.

When you open that traits and skills tab, you'll see a list of how many unspent trait and skill points you have. There are three viewing choices: weapon skills (which shows a complete list of weapon skills available to your profession and which ones you have and have not unlocked), utility skills, and traits. Our interest now lies in the utility skills tab.

Skills in this tab are sorted by what they slot into. You've got three types of slots to manage in this window: your heal slot, your three utility slots, and your elite. Just because you can see all the skills and slots doesn't mean you can make use of them all yet. You unlock skills with skill points, and you unlock the slots by leveling. Your healing skill has been unlocked since you made your character. At levels 5, 10, and 20, you unlock the utility slots, and you'll be able to start using elites at level 30. Just because you can't use skills yet doesn't mean you can't unlock them, though. Go ahead and unlock as many skills as you have points for.

You'll notice that the utility skills are sorted into three tiers. This has nothing to do with what slot they go into; this is about the order in which you unlock skills. You'll have to unlock five of the first-tier skills before you can move onto the second tier and five tier-two skills before you can move onto the last group. Elite skills are similarly arranged, although they have only two tiers and there is a lower threshold for advancing. There are multiple healing skills to be unlocked, but those are not tiered.

Each skill has a little number representing how many skill points are required to unlock it, and skills on the same tier have a similar cost. Just click on the skill, click again to confirm, and you've bought yourself a skill. To put a skill in an unlocked slot click on the little arrow at the base of the skill slot either in your window or on the skillbar proper (this works only when you're out of combat). And then just get more and more skill points to unlock more skill so that you can make Cheap GW2 Gold more and more easily.