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Runescape Account market analysis


In past 2 years, there are around 50,000 Runescape players participated runescape account selling and buying. Even with the very potential risk for runescape account sales, we can still see such large amount of players show interested in Runescape accounts. So in coming 1 year, we have to set up standard for runescape accounts market. We will put our best efforts on making trading rules in order to reduce the scamming issues by max.

The reason leading to people don’t want to buy runescape accounts online?
1, runescape maker “jagex” announced that buying or selling runescape accounts is breaking rules. In my opinion, since every runescape account belong to the account created persons, I think they do have right to deal with their own property, even for runescape account, they have right to give it away, or get rid off it, or sell it for real cash. It all does not matter. There are always have demanders in the market, and this can make real fortune in real life, and it can solve employment.
2, Buyers don’t dare to buy runescape account online due to hacking issues.
As we all know, every runescape account can be easily recovered back as long as the account original holder want. And this causes many runescape accounts buyer stop buying accounts for runescape online, and they d rather spend much more money or powerleveling, instead of buy a better runescape accounts. After all account Security is the most important aspect. If the runescape account they buy will be recovered or hacked, they will lost money and account.

So accountrs.com will consider “how to protect buyer’s runescape accounts safety”, our goal is let every runescape player can purchase a 100% safe runescape account, and it will never be hacked back!