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Player Analysis SWTOR Role-playing PVP Server Will Be More Fun

In this year's E3, "Star Wars: The Old Republic" lead writer Daniel Erickson said he want to set up a role playing PVP server. But in fact, BioWare's online team has no plans to start up any open world PVP role-playing server.Players maybe just enjoy a few unique system and even buy swtor credits to support their game journey.

Community manager David Bass confirm this point when he interpretation of Guild HQ program will not support the RP-PVP server ,those guild who wish to enter this type of server cannot join in BW  in advance deployment depoly, they can only wait until the game's release, in the game to establish their own organizations.According to the study institution where study MMO players act, Daedalus Project report, only 7% of the players will actually be in the RP-PVP and try the role-playing. However, the "Star Wars: The Old Republic" PC game so far maintained the largest reservation record (80 million copies, not including sales of digital channels and Europe), 7% will still be a great group. At least, players who are interested in the RP-PVP server is enough.

I understand that many people do not accept the role-play and PVP mixed way. When it comes to RP, my mind will immediately show blonde hair shawl, beautiful naked wizard. In fact, only through interactive role-playing form tells a story. In the MMO, such as the "Old Republic" where, PVP does not prevent this. Today, we have to talk about the story and PVP set. Players can have a variety of ways to take these two together. I will give some examples to show you how to do, even if you are not a hardcore role-playing gamers do not have to worry about.

RP-PVP server

Overall, I like RP-PVP server settings, but the vast majority of role-playing gamers do not like them, reasons such as the server would not have role-playing gamers and players attack, the lack of fair and open. Recently, I asked Daniel Erickson why he supports RP-PVP server. Erickson said this is more suited to the role that the Imperial Army, they attacked the enemy either leave or acting style. For the neutral bounty hunters and smugglers career, he said the story according to the present arrangements, these will be a neutral professional to work for a particular faction. But we do not have time to talk about melee problem free, but when the games come out to look at it.

Many non-core RP and RP-PVP server players feel pretty good, I think so, especially if you like PVP. You completely can act as a killer on the server to kill any evil in the name of the Republic.I also encourage role-playing gamers to try and play in the RP-PVP server. Usually, I do not encourage role-playing players to participate in PVP,in the PVP map,there are many lower level players. However, in the "Old Republic", you can not damage hostile camps players in the initial two world, in the process of upgrading many of the security zone. You first met hostile players at least not below level 16. Moreover, many of the open world PVP in such Ilum and Tatooine, so you saw a much higher level enemy players is not common.