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It's From A Big Fan Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold Of GW2

It is just so hard to tell the exciting for the upcoming Guild Wars 2! Sometimes I even can't express that feeling in my words. I love MMO games, yes god, I do love them. And the coming of Guild Wars 2 indeed makes me excited and full of expectation. As I'm clumsy to express my feeling, I do think the following words can help me. It's from a big fan Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold of GW2.

"Fair warning: next Saturday at midnight PDT I will disappear. My girlfriend and family will be able to contact me, but otherwise I will be paying no heed to the world outside of Tyria for the whole weekend.

I have decided on my class. It was a tossup between a warrior and an engineer. My brother is leaning toward warrior, so I’m going to go with a human engineer for variety. I'm going to go with a dual build of alchemy and turrets. Alchemy for small encounters, turrets for large ones.

I will spend the whole first weekend exploring the PvE environment. I will play PvP, but that will come after a fair amount of exploring in the world of Tyria.

I am so flipping excited! For those of you Godless folk who will also be diving in, have you stayed with the class you thought you would play? Have you switched? How do you plan to spend your first weekend in Tyria?

I am going to encourage all the officers of the Godless guild to introduce themselves in the comments here and to answer any questions the lot of you may have. See you in game."

You know what? I do like the "see you in the game" he said. We are strangers in the real world, but we can be the best friends in the game, that's why the MMO games are also Guild Wars 2 Gold full of communication, right? So I'll look forward to see you in the game, and I also will fight with you in GW2 Gold mode, do you like this?