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How to identify 100% safe Runescape accounts that won't be recovered

Many People who bought RS accounts probably met a problem: after a period of time in their use, accounts got hacked back by original owner, as all of the RS accounts can be hacked back through manual recovery way, therefore, a lot of players do not know how to find a best Runescape accounts sale site to choose safe buy runescape account. Gamerluck rs accounts store lauched runescape accounts selling service on the basis of understanding all players, we sell 100% secure runescape accounts that will not he recovered back. Accountrs know security is the primary importance to all Runescape players. Therefore, to ensure our 100% secure Runescape account, accountrs has 100% compensation policy, if your account got ecovered, accountrs offer new account by unconditional compensation .

Nowdays, accountrs sell runescape pure accounts, high melee accounts, which all passed the safety tests, the majority of rs players can rest assured purchase favorite runescape accounts from accountrs.com.

We see lots of people when buying runescape account , They only consider whether the prices cheap, but do not understand the account how important security is, therefore, many people bought the account after a very short period of time, then runescape account got recovered, and this leads results of both money and account gone. Therefore, we strongly recommend customers to choose a safe site to buy runescape account with even a bit more money rather than a cheap runescape account but that isn’t safe.