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How to Customize Your Diablo 3 Hotbar in an Elective Mode

First of all, I would like to point out that one of the major gripes among fans heading into Diablo 3 is the apparent lack of customization. The customization is a quite important factor to all the players and developers. But except for the skills of making Diablo 3 gold, how much else do you know about the customization? Today, I will share my own experience about this with you all.

Firstly, it looks like Blizzard almost dumbed down Diablo 3, simplifying it so much that it only lets you slot certain skills into certain hotkeys. The main problem with the current setup is that it doesn't allow much room for the creativity. On my Demon Hunter, I can equip my original skills on left click (to regenerate Hatred). On my right click is my secondary ability which uses the Hatred. Two of my Action Bar skills is reserved for Defensive skills, another for Devices, and another for Archery.

Now the question is that are there plenty of combinations with this format? Of course, but for an advanced Diablo player, it's somewhat limiting. Enter Buy Diablo 3 Gold 's "Elective Mode".

Elective Mode is hidden in-game under the "Options" menu. You can find it in the "Gameplay" tab under the "Interface" bar. What does this elusive mode allow you to do? Once you've turned it on, you can assign ANY skill you've learned to almost any button, even if you've already equipped other skills from that category. 

If you still don't get it, I can now equip Hungering Arrow and Bola Shot as well as Rapid Fire and Chakram. The result is I don't have as much escape ability, but I dish out some major damage! Using Elective Mode I was finally able to customize my character to fit my playstyle!  Freedom in Diablo 3 at last!

Assuming this isn't your first go around with Diablo, I highly suggest enabling Elective Mode immediately. It completely transforms the way Diablo 3 plays. Using Elective Mode I am now free to experiment with the builds I want. This is the way Diablo 3 Gold should be played.

This is the final end of today’s news and I think this kind of guide is what you need at present. So, you would better pay more attention to the news’ changes everyday. Besides, you cannot neglect the importance of the Diablo 3 gold because it is quite essential when you have some troubles in your gameplay.