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Get Real Questing Experience for Guild Wars 2 Gold

The Dragons are returning and Tyria is becoming a much more dangerous place. All races must put aside their differences to unite and every able bodied man and woman must push their skills to the limit to stem the tide. As such, there should be no shortage of work for a budding adventurer like you. If you want to learn all of the ins and outs to questing, then go no further with this Guild Wars 2 Gold guide to questing.

Let it be known in this GW2 guide that the game eschews traditional MMORPG questing systems. For one thing there are no quests provided by in-game NPCs; they're replaced by dynamic events. These are active events that physically unfold in the game world without any player intervention. Bandits will attack a town, a convoy of friendly characters will travel across hostile terrain, enemy soldiers will invade a base, and so on. It becomes the prerogative of you and your fellow players to go in and make sure these events get completed in a satisfactory manner. When the town is under attack, you defend it. When the convoy starts moving, it's up to you to protect it. If a base lands in enemy hands, then you must help your NPC allies retake it.

When tackling a dynamic event, it's important that you and your fellow players do everything they can to make it succeed, reading GW2 Gold guide for example, because they can fail. Dynamic events have several results, all of which lead to more events in turn. For example, if one involving outlaws attacking a town fails, then the outlaws will start to burn and pillage it. A new dynamic event pops up that requires players to retake the town and put out the fires.

Although the quest format has changed, leveling works differently. Whether they ultimately succeed or fail, you earn experience for dynamic events based on your level of participation.

That's not all there is to the Cheap GW2 Gold guide to questing. There are somewhat more traditional quests to find in Tyria in the form of your personal story missions. These are missions that tell a narrative story involving your avatar that are either carried out in zones instanced just for you or in team-based dungeons. Either way, completing personal story missions earns you experience and rewards, just like traditional MMORPG quests.