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Four Golden Secrets in the Game Guild Wars 2

Every company and game has its own ways of doing things. We call these ways "golden rules" in a game. The same is true with ArenaNet's Guild Wars 2. At Guild Wars 2, there are also high-level design principles. You can see them reflected in the combat, in the story, in the event Cheap GW2 Gold system, even in the world map. Therefore, you can benefit a lot from knowing these principles. Here we will going to talk about these "secrets."

Live up the World
The virtual world in the game Guild Wars 2 is called Tyria. The world of Tyria acts as a metaphor for a real world with its own self-enforcing rules. In terms of story and lore, we had to establish things like geopolitical dynamics. Making the world come alive can provide the foundation and starting point for characters, plots, and environments.

Be Cooperative
Players are not alone. Everything needs cooperation. Every player can gather from all nodes because we didn't want tension to build up GW2 Gold in a group of people trying to adventure around a map together. Events themselves exist because they are a content type that benefits from more players being in the world. Even the way we reward event participation makes it so your contributions matter, but not at the expense of someone else's.

Take Challenges
Trying out new ideas or making drastic changes is the way we as designers get to play with the game. You must embrace the risk of making mistakes. At the end of the day, if something doesn't quite turn out the way you wanted, it's not failing, it's playing—and you grow for having done it.

Respect Other Players
Be respect to other players. We respect you—as a player, as a human Guild Wars 2 Gold being. This game we're making may end up competing with your real life. Whatever your reasons for spending time in Tyria, we don't want to waste it by doing stuff that isn't fun. It's our version of a playground on the grandest of scales.