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EA Says the Star Wars the old republic Is the Fastest Growing Swtor Gold

EA has released  the new Cheap Swtor Credits data of Star Wars: the old republic, including the current user growth situation.In the recent quarter financial report, EA has promulgated the Star Wars: the old republicis successful, CEO John Riccitiello says SWTOR is the fastest growing MMO in history.

At the end of the first quarter of SWTOR online, the achievement is very gratifying. The data from our retail cooperation partners and origin system shows that more than two million players have purchased the game, Riccitiello said.

Swtor Gold 's powerful momentum makes itself become historically fastest-growing MMO. We are glad to see the great game from BioWare have made such a result. swtor credits. EA
thinks that stable server of SWTOR is one of the key factors of success, and also says the MMO online is a great achievement. Its success is more than we expected. Stable operation of the server is beyond our our expectations, this directly helps sales of games. So far, we have sold more than two million copies, EA CFO Eric Brown said.

At present the game has a bright prospect. As John mentioned, our game sales have surpassed two million copies. More than 1.7 million players activate the members.
Gibeau provided us with some SWTOR data, he says about one million people log in the game one day averagely, at the same time, average game time is about 4 hours per day. Los

Angeles times last month guessed BioWare spent two hundred million dollars on this MMO,which made SWTOR the most expensive project on the market at present. However, it seems that EA is on his way to recoup costs. I am interested in where to buy more swtor credits .