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EA Said The SWTOR Purchase Restriction Is Not Hunger Marketing

In EA's 2011 sale calendar, online games, Star Wars The Old Republic release date is scheduled for December 20, the Christmas holiday period. Christmas shopping usually means that consumers will be lead by a lot of offers, discounts and full of people will be blinded, without choice, without restraint to the add shopping cart a variety of goods, while the game is usually located in the forefront of selling list. Therefore, as long as the manufacturer have the desire to "impact the No.1 on the first day sales", choose this day sale in the general direction is absolutely correct. At that time players will have the chance be the first batch people join in the game and experience the swtor credits, leveling up,even buy swtor credits,and whole game experience.

However, EA cannot avoid some details problems on the sales: they intend to have purchase restriction - although the specific restriction are not yet known, but the word is clearly not a joke : it is likely to mean that if the parents who intend to play it, they cannot not givetheir own children the game as a Christmas gift, (the game's ESRB rating of "T", youth class), the game's sales will no doubt greatly reduced.

But EA always take the sales figures as the lifeblood and it why do this? In this regard, EA Games president Frank Gibeau explained: "This is not engaged in the hunger marketing, but to maximize the player's gaming experience - in a network game, can determine the quality of gaming experience of players in addition to the game its fun, there are online server stability and quality." "through Beta testing, we recognize that the server can bear the limits size of players, in the current circumstances, we must give priority to pre-order players tailored the maximum number of online players. "

EA plans to make a long-term plan for the "Star Wars The Old Republic" - as Frank Gibeau said, "we have" Star Wars " such a massive brand that can attract players, and online games business will grow as the business , as we gradually open more servers, groups of players at the different time periods will be added to it. "

Now you are fully aware of the EA overflowing confidence and ambition, right? They firmly believe that with "Star Wars" the brand, each group of nets will be rewarding countless players, but "not the first time into the game," "Beta testing permission did not get," "after the sale or cannot buy the client", etc. The problems are maybe caused the users loss,well,here do not talk about too much, I wish EA and those who pre-order this game good luck.