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Do you want to have a good weapon in GW2?

The RuneScape world called the Gielinor first blank balance with nature the God Guthix transformation, the breeding of all things. After gone through four centuries, the game is now the fifth discipline. The Gielinor by Misthalin, Asgarnia, the worthy the Kandarin as well as friction Core too, Morytania countries and regions.

In the game, the damage is a very be deeply grateful words. How much damage determines the damage output, also led directly to the upgrade of the speed. And damage decision and weapons, a good weapon is all dream.To a good weapon, many people can afford to pay a lot.Or non a lot of time, money, and effort.Where to get Cheap gw2 gold?

Lightning Hammer (Lightning Hammer):Lightning Swing, Static Swing, and Thunderclap – Deals damage, the third attack blinds;Lightning Leap – Jump at an enemy;Wind Blast – Knocks an enemy back;Lightning Storm – AoE around you;Static Field – Static Field that isn’t ground targetable.

This is an actual decent melee weapon that deals a considerable amount of damage. You’ll burn through the charges fast, but the damage is actually impressive for a lot of professions, not just the elementalist. There are a lot of builds circling around with melee elementalists who use lightning hammer with a lot of success. Wind Blast is great as an interrupt/knockback.

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