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Designer Talked Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold The Game On Sale Attitude

The chief content designer Colin Johanson of Guild Wars 2 talked about the BETA weekend test, the ArenaNet design process, and the importance of the attitude of the game on sale in an interview.

Johanson talked about the tense mood in the Gamescom on the show two years ago in the first trial, the BETA test of time, the game near the sale so that the tension stabilized. He also talked about the BETA test guildwars2sell  the whole team morale encouraged, so that everyone tried more trying to make the game better. Pride and arrogance is very dangerous. "He said the production team is very careful to listen to feedback, keep in mind who is making the game.

Feedback from the BETA weekend tests on the production team is very important. Some things can not rely on internal testing reflected, must rely on the thousands of players to enter the server can be found.

For example, in our first BETA weekend testing activities, we found that novice District criticisms, too many people to the region as a whole experience becomes worse. Our internal testing Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold obviously can not find so many people to achieve such an effect, and therefore can not be expected of such a situation. Ultimately, we added more system events and changes to expand the game to make the experience more interesting.

Although it is impossible to provide specific numbers, by Johanson mentioned that the number of pre-order the game has exceeded all expectations. As long as there are more people to buy, then the game will Buy GW2 Gold get more of the message from. The Johanson forecast bought Guild Wars 2 players after receipt of the game will be surprised.