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Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold and Ascalonian Catacombs Story Mode

The first dungeon available in Guild Wars 2 is the Ascalonian Catacombs story mode, which requires level thirty. The dungeon is a relatively challenging experience, compared to the events and personal story quests that you may have done up till this point. Don’t fret though; the dungeon is actually quite easy as long as you know the overall strategy for each encounter.

That strategy starts with preparedness. The first thing you’ll want to do is repair your gear to full, snag a salvage kit, and empty out as much of your inventory as possible. There is a lot of loot and no opportunity to sell any extra gear while in the dungeon. There is a repair anvil located at the front, so you can repair your gear without having to leave, and trust me – there is no shame to being downed while playing through the Ascalonian Catacombs.

That’s another thing to be prepared for. Wiping and learning the encounters is part of the experience. Your group may wipe several times, but thankfully the only punishment that you’ll receive is the need to repair your gear. Waypoints open up as your accomplish certain events, making the trip back to the action take no time at all.

Get your build setup. I can’t give much advice on what build works best, but you’ll want a resurrection skill most likely. It really helps in an event to get someone back up ASAP. Take at least one good defensive skill, and another either support or offensive skill. Summons work great, because they can snag the attention of some of the enemies and the flame traps, which can take the pressure off of your group. You’ll be able to switch things up as you move through the dungeon, so be ready to switch a few abilities out. Having an elite skill at this point is really helpful as well.

For group composition, you’ll want at least one good “tank” which can be a necromancer, warrior, guardian, or anyone built up to control the enemies. I beat half the dungeon with my elementalist and four engineers before the servers went down once, so you don’t have to have a good melee profession, but it can help to have someone at least get up in the enemies’ faces. The amount of damage bosses do is really high, so not even a guardian can really absorb the hits.

Blue blobs on the ground are ghosts. If you walk near it, a ghost will appear. It’s best to avoid the blue blobs until your party is ready to tackle them. Guild Wars 2 Gold come in a few different flavors. Mesmers like to reflect projectiles, elementalists like to cast a really powerful AoE, warriors are, well, warriors, rangers do the ranged thing, and monks heal their buddies. You may want to take them out first.

Speaking of kill order, control – T or control-click will target an enemy. It helps to pick a target for everyone to focus on.

It's also important to note that loot is random and distributed on a per character basis. So you'll get your own loot and everyone else in the party will get theirs. You will receive the dungeon hat and the XP reward after the last boss in the dungeon is defeated. Loot is the same in the dungeon as it is outside of the dungeon, the drop rate is just higher.

One last note, events won't start until everyone watches the cutscene, so there is no harm in enjoying the story. Cheap GW2 Gold will also follow your team around and help fight enemies and Eir joins you around halfway in.